My Tips for CPA Board Exams

My advice for the board exam takers tomorrow would be “Be C.P.A.”  :

1. Be Comfortable

It’s important to be comfortable while taking the exams. Wear comfortable clothes, rest well before the day of exams and eat a full breakfast during exams day. Take plenty of water because going to the CR is allowed naman. During my time I brought chocolates with me to keep me relaxed while taking the exam.

The key to a successful exam is focus, and I’m sure you can’t focus if you’re not comfortable. 

2. Pray

Pwede ring P for Prepare but right now last minute reviews won’t work. Just relax. You have prepared naman na for five months for this and it’s not about being able to answer all the handouts from all review schools.

Don’t be pressured. Just give it your best shot, as in your best. In every question, give it your best. Walang hula-hula, piga lang ng piga. Don’t be hesitant and say to yourself na di ko kaya ang question. If you find a question hard to answer, dont dwell on it dahil it will eat your time. You can answer that question, it’s just that it’s hard so just skip it first para ‘di maubos ang time.

Before the exam and in case of panic, just pray. “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” -Philippians 4:7

3.  Attribute all glory to God

During the review season I set it a goal to top the exam because I want God to be glorified in my life.  It kept me confident and it kept me going up to the last day of the exams.

My advice is not for all of you to set the same goal. I knew in my heart that it’s the goal that God wants me to set and He was able to fulfill it. My advice is for you to acknowledge this simple truth.. that everything that you have, your skills, your abilities comes from God and He’s the one who’s able to make it grow and multiply. Don’t compare with your co-reviewees, don’t think of the school that they came from, the amount of handouts they have covered, not even their ranks during pre-board exams. During my time, I was 51st in the CPAR final pre-board and I got a little disheartened whether the dream that God has put in my heart will come true. But God is faithful and it really is all about Him. He made me place 7th during the actual board exam. What a God that we have!  

With God on your side, every knowledge, every skill that you have, would be sufficient for you to be victorious in the boards. He is the source of everything and all glory belongs to Him.

Claim the dream God has put in your hearts and God bless you all in the exams! 🙂






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  1. justmarge says:

    Haven’t read it but I already liked it, kuya! 🙂

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