Prayer and Fasting Day 2: The POWER to Live a Life Beyond Normal

Victory Makati’s service last night was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Just when I thought I would finish the day without that “kaboom” revelation from God, God made it possible for me to attend the service which was Spirit-filled from start to finish.

Pastor Julius exhorted us with the great things about to happen in our lives during 2013. The series is entitled “Beyond Normal”, which will teach us that as we start anew this year our lives are not just going to be back to normal but beyond normal. We’re going to see God move in every areas of our life: finances, relationships, health and careers. We’re going to do great things for God this year and we will bring blessing to everyone around us. It made everyone in attendance excited for the coming year.

Pastor Jojo then prayed for the church. Before praying, he said that after hearing the message and going out of the church we should not make the mistake of forgetting what we heard and going “back to normal” instead of “beyond normal”. This is a good point because as humans we tend to forget. When the pastor is exhorting us while the worship team is playing we feel the enthusiasm to live beyond normal but when you go to the daily motions of your life we sometimes forget that we are meant to be awesome.

But thank God that He gave the Holy Spirit to us to empower us to live the “beyond normal” life destined for us.

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you.. ” –Acts 1:8

God sent us the power of the Holy Spirit because we are powerless. Before receiving the Holy Spirit, the disciples of Jesus were all hiding in a room, waiting for what happens next after Jesus left them. When the Holy Spirit came upon them, they received power and spoke the word of God boldly (Acts 4:31).

Peter, who denied that he knew Jesus a few weeks before, suddenly felt the power inside of him and began to speak boldly about Jesus. Before, he was afraid, but then the Spirit gave Him what He needs which is courage and in that day 3,000 people came to know God. Whatever we lack, the Holy Spirit fills in order to accomplish God’s work. God’s work will always be completed. When He called Peter “the Rock”, he really made him “D’ ROCK!!!” through the Holy Spirit. As it is said..

“He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” –Philippians 1:6

God began a good work in us when He saved us by making Himself known to us. But God isn’t satisfied with that, He wants you to live a life beyond normal. A life where we can experience victory upon victory and breakthroughs upon breakthroughs. God gave us the Holy Spirit to do this. The Holy Spirit is not just a force, but God Himself inside of us. Wow! Talk about enormous amount of power!

But this doesn’t work like Eugene being more powerful because Master Jeremiah gave him his spiritual power. This ain’t a fantasy stuff. This power is something real and practical. When you’re reminded of Bible verses when you’re feeling down and it made you feel better, that’s the comforting power of the Holy Spirit. When you’re reminded of Bible verses when you’re tempted and you were able to overcome a sin pattern as you obey everytime, that’s the changing power of the Holy Spirit in you. When the Holy Spirit whispers on you to approach a random guy in church and share the gospel and his life was changed radically, that’s power of the Holy Spirit to give us faith and take risks. As pastor Jojo said, the new spelling of faith is “r-i-s-k” 🙂 If we lay hands on the sick, they can be healed. The Holy Spirit also gives spiritual gifts like prophecy, discernment and speaking in other tongues to God’s people as He dwells in them. And the list just goes on and on..

No doubt each one of us can experience breakthroughs, victories in all aspects and do amazing things this year and live a life that is “beyond normal”. So go ahead and tap that power inside of you everyday. 


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