24 lines on my 24th :)

Thank You Lord, for twenty-four years of my life here on earth,
You’re the author of my life, You’ve loved me since my birth,
You have set a life for me that is more than I could ask for,
You’re my guide since I was a baby, up to now that I’m twenty-four.

Thank You because since I was a kid I have known You in Sunday school,
I have learned that the love of Jesus, so sweet and wonderful,
Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so,
Proven so sweet and true every year as I grow.

Thank You for Papa and Mama, who loved me and raised me well,
Through You they gave me a good life, instilled discipline and good character,
Thank You for my two brothers, to me they are such a blessing,
For all my dearly loved ones, I delight in the lives we are sharing.

Thank You for all the skills, knowledge and talents you entrusted me,
For the excellence from grade school up to the day I earned a degree,
You are the ultimate reason for being excellent in all I do,
Whenever I get tired and weary, as a child I can always depend on You.

Thank You for Marie Angela, my bestfriend, my inspiration,
She’s a princess in every way, yet serves and loves with compassion,
Lord as I look onwards, I know You will make me more of a man,
Building an awesome family, a career legacy, through Jesus I can!

Having this relationship with You is the greatest gift of all,
Without You I would not thrive or even be here after all,
My best years are still ahead, Lord God as You walk with me,
You’ll never let go of my hand from earth to eternity.



About leovillanueva

I am God's boy :)
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