A renewed perspective on Obedience

Worship time can get too emotional for me sometimes. I cry. Sometimes I cry because I’m disappointed. I’m disappointed because I sin, I’m disappointed whenever I have not been a good Christian, a good boyfriend, a good employee, a good friend. I know I could do better. And I cry it out to God. “Lord, I’m sorry for falling short, but you know I want to be good, you know that I love you..” I cry harder when I realize the price that was paid for my sin cause I get more disappointed with what I’ve done. Then I cry the hardest when joy sets into my heart knowing that God still loves me. That moment when God tells me He will never ever.. give up on me no matter what really blows me away.

Surely, it’s a blessing to be a child secured in God. To be constantly aware of His forgiveness and grace after falling short is a good thing. Based from my experience whenever I sin, having a fresh infilling of God’s love takes me into a high moment of spirituality. I feel so fired up and excited to a higher level of faith and relationship with Him as I envision myself overcoming a certain sin or shortcoming. But then I still end up falling short and receive forgiveness through His love, fall short and receive forgiveness, fall short and receive forgiveness and it goes on and on. I feel like I remained stagnant because of this cycle. I have not been a better Christian, a better boyfriend, a better employee, a better person! I have not moved to that higher level of relationship with Him that I’ve been desiring. Then God revealed to me the importance of this word: OBEDIENCE.

“But if anyone obeys his word, God’s love is truly made complete in them.” -1 John 2:5

The word of God lays it down clearly: to experience fullness of God’s love, one must obey. But when the worldly passion sets in, obedience becomes hard. When the desires of the flesh consumes us, we begin to think of obedience as more of a “slave-master” thingy and that God is depriving us of our happiness. While it’s true that Jesus is our master, He seeks our obedience for a far greater reason. He wants to complete His love for us. You think you’re satisfied with experiencing his forgiveness whenever you disobey? That’s like going to Boracay without swimming in the beach, that’s like going to Enchanted Kingdom without enjoying the rides. It’s just not the complete experience! But God expresses the fullness of His love by changing us, not just by forgiving us. His love is complete in itself but He wants it to be made complete in you by making you a better person. Cause He loves u so much! But the keyword is OBEDIENCE. Everyday, by making one decision after another to follow Him from the moment we wake-up to the time we set ourselves to sleep, we are munching on a bigger portion of His love as he changes us.

Don’t settle for half of the experience. God wants you to experience the fullness of His love.  So choose to obey Him today!


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